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Corporate – 2-Day Retreat​

Unite and Inspire: A Transformative Team Retreat

An immersive retreat filled with activities that not only alleviate stress but also cultivate a sense of community and togetherness in the workplace.

Reignite excitement and harmony within your team with our transformative 2-day retreat hosted by Priya Glikman, a renowned expert in team building and self-empowerment. In a world where remote work has become the norm and face-to-face interactions are rare, Priya Glikman’s weekend retreat offers a vital reconnection opportunity. This transformative event provides a powerful way to boost team performance and personal growth.

In this retreat, participants will not only learn crucial skills but will also enjoy a fun and engaging break from the routine. They will leave equipped with tools to manage anxiety, negativity, and stress—feeling rejuvenated and appreciative of the investment in their well-being. Expect your team to carry these memorable moments and lessons into their daily interactions, fostering a renewed sense of unity and purpose.

Activities Include:

Team Building Exercises: Strengthen bonds and understand team dynamics through experiential learning.

Self-Discovery Workshops: Explore personal growth avenues and meditation techniques that impact professional performance.

Advanced Communication Techniques: Equip your team with the skills to discuss and resolve conflicts constructively.

Interactive discussions, practical exercises, and group activities tailored to deepen understanding and foster collaboration.

A serene, inspiring venue to be announced.

Companies eager to create a more vibrant, united, and motivated team culture in a time of change. Organizations ready to invest in a more connected, understanding, and productive team environment will find this retreat extremely valuable.

Meet Priya

Meet Priya Glikman: Founder of The MindSet Journey

Priya Glikman is a distinguished leader in personal transformation and mindfulness, with over two decades of deep engagement in Zen and Trilotherapy. Her unique approach combines profound psychological insights with practical applications, making her a sought-after guide for more than 2,000 individuals across the globe, including executives and teams from top-tier corporate environments.

Background and Expertise:

Priya’s journey began with a transformative six-year residency at a Tao center in Greece studying Zen and Buddhism, where she became a Dharma Teacher. Her expertise was further enriched through extensive global engagements, notably in the United States, Israel, and Greece, where her workshops and retreats have consistently drawn hundreds of participants. In the early stages, she was working with individuals, perfecting her method, and then advanced to leading dozens of groups and training over 200 individuals to become teachers in the art of mindfulness and meditation.

Since relocating to California in 2016, Priya has impacted over 800 clients through tailored workshops, retreats, and lectures. Her profound influence is also felt at The Pad Studios in San Francisco, where she serves as co-owner and facilitator.

Impact and Testimonials:

Clients frequently describe their experiences with Priya as life-changing, citing significant improvements in personal happiness, professional productivity, and interpersonal relationships. From overcoming deep-seated fears and anxieties to fostering environments of collaboration and innovation, Priya’s teachings equip individuals with the tools needed for sustainable personal growth and collective success.

“Working with Priya has been one of the greatest gifts of my life,” shares Hailey Friedman, a long-time participant. “The MindSet Journey has profoundly altered how I interact in all aspects of my life, fostering a new perspective that transcends traditional therapies.”

Tommy Martin, a former athlete and Wall Street professional, reflects on his transformative journey: “Priya’s insights have not only reshaped my personal outlook but have also made me a better team player in the highly competitive corporate world.”

Why Choose Priya for Your Team?

Priya’s workshops are meticulously designed to meet the needs of dynamic corporate teams, focusing on building resilience, enhancing creativity, and fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration. Her sessions are not just about personal growth but about creating a collective experience that resonates with and unites every member of the team.

Priya Glikman’s MindSet Workshop is an essential investment for any company seeking to elevate their team’s performance and well-being in today’s complex corporate landscape.

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Unite and Inspire: A Transformative Team Retreat

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