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The MindSet Journey is a warm, supportive community experience that offers people who thirst for real change the opportunity to break through the internal blocks that hold them back, to master tools and practices that support real-life transformation, and to move forward in life with greater ease and joy.

The Discovery Journey (I)

a creative journey of self-discovery and growth

A creative journey of self-discovery and growth
This Journey empowers you to identify and release limiting mindsets and heartsets, allowing you to fully embrace your life’s purpose and potential. By providing a higher perspective on how you interact with your life, The MindSet Journey offers you the opportunity to gain a clear understanding of your true path.

Through the Journey, you will learn how to let go of past burdens, connect with the present moment, and simply be. This is a transformative experience that incorporates modern Zen techniques such as trilotherapy and emotional release.

About Priya

Priya Glikman is the founder of The MindSet Journey. Utilizing the ancient wisdom of Zen and the cutting-edge technology of Trilotherapy, Priya guides her clients on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. An internationally recognized expert in the field, Priya is a sought-after meditation teacher, personal transformation facilitator, and seminar leader.

Internationally recognized as the MindSet originator, Priya is a Dharma and meditation teacher who moved to California with her family in 2016 after a lifetime of traveling and studying in Europe, Israel, the US, and Southeast Asia.

Priya is a co-owner at The Pad Studios in San Francisco!

Healing with Community

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Learn new tools to expand your self awareness. The Discovery Journey (I) to a Deep Dive Journey (II)

Live Webinars

Priya (free, and open to all!)


This retreat combines Priya’s powerful MindSet curriculum with in-person exercises, meditations and dharma teachings.

Meet Our Guides

We understand there are times when you may more personalized support. Working 1-1 with a MindSet Guide will take you deeper into your inner work by providing focused attention, customized tools, and ongoing support. Over the years, Priya has trained hundreds of guides on the MindSet tools and techniques and continues to actively support them.