Priya Glikman

Weekend Retreat

3 Days of in-person retreat - Led by Priya

May 17 – 19, 2024
At the beautiful Mt. Madonna Center, CA

Featuring Priya Glikman — a Dharma and Meditation teacher, and The MindSet Journey originator. This event combines Priya’s powerful MindSet Journey curriculum with in-person exercises, meditations and teachings to help release some emotions, awaken us to new perspectives, and find deeper connection within ourselves and with others. These group events will include small breakout sessions, Q&A sessions, and opportunities for one-to-one connections.

We will meet at Mt. Madonna on Friday, May 17th 2024, at 3:00PM PST!

As a student of the retreat

You will:

  • Learn to meditate with tools for your mind, heart, and center
  • Acquire skills that apply mindfulness and self-compassion to relationships, conflict, trauma, and change.
  • Participate in therapeutic exercises of connection and emotional release.
  • Develop a sense of community and a support system that will last for many years to come
  • Grow and deepen your spiritual path

Self discovery

This is an extraordinary learning experience where we strive to provide unwavering support and encouragement for your personal growth journey. Our intention is to guide you in strengthening your practices of mindfulness, compassion, and awareness, fostering a transformative journey of healing and connection. We invite you to embrace this extraordinary learning experience and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

What is included?

Retreat amenities

Mt. Madonna Center offers a beautiful, community-managed space for yoga retreats, personal practice, spiritual and personal development programs, and a variety of classes and workshops. The modern meeting spaces evoke a rustic and tranquil atmosphere and provide a variety of settings to gather and practice.

Just 2 hours from San Francisco, Mount Madonna is 380 acres of redwood groves, hiking trails, and meadows infused with a sense of peace, spaciousness, and heartfelt service.

More info and pics at Mt. Madonna Center website

We will offer delicious breakfast, lunch & dinner. All meals are strictly vegetarian. Mt. Madonna’s kitchen uses fresh, high quality ingredients, incorporating organic and local products whenever possible, in lovingly prepared menus. We can accommodate most special dietary needs and requests.
Each meal will be vegetarian with plenty of vegan gluten-free and dairy-free options. Snacks will be available in the kitchen throughout the day as well.

Mt. Madonna’s conference center is centered around a large courtyard and koi pond. Hotel-style rooms (without phones or TVs) with 1, 2, or 3 twin beds. Some include a private bathroom with a shower. Others have access to shared (private while in use) bathrooms and showers down the hall. All accommodations provide towels, bath products, and bed linens.

Ready to reserve your spot? You will have the option to choose an accommodation type at checkout.

Private or Double Rooms — Shared or ‘Ensuite’ Bathroom.


The MindSet

The MindSet Journey is a warm, supportive community experience that offers people who thirst for real change the opportunity to break through the internal blocks that hold them back, to master tools and practices that support real-life transformation, and to move forward in life with greater ease and joy.


Photos from the Retreat


In Priya’s Student’s Words

“The community you have cultivated through this training program is truly remarkable. These people who I embarked on this journey with have become my family, a support filled with love and acceptance, regardless of the mistakes I continue to make. For the first time in my life I am seen. This is so powerful for me. Our group has allowed me to be vulnerable with other people and myself, to be curious, to go deep within to heal parts that I hid for too long.”

Laura Williams, California, USA

“Practicing the Mindset with Priya has completely flipped my world in the best way possible. I had an image of my future that seemed great but every day was becoming more rigid and lacking in color. The time I spent doing personal development with Priya, one on one and in the group sessions, changed my life. I made a very hard decision that months later is reaping in rewards I could have never imagined. I now have a new job, new apartment, and am painting my life with the color it deserves. I look around me and thank the universe for people like Priya who brought light back into my life.”


“Priya is truly brilliant. She is a master in navigating how one becomes more self aware and develops a strong connection to yourself. This in turn deepens connections with others. Throughout the workshops one builds a supportive like-minded community, which becomes essential in the process of growth and healing. Old mindsets are understood and uprooted with support so as to allow for more clarity, peace and opportunity. To participate and engage in Priya’s classes means you will transform yourself into the person you are meant to become.

Priya’s MindSet retreat is fantastic. Expect to witness your mind and its ways and develop a stronger connection to your heart. All the while learning to lead from and trusting your center. Each session you learn materials that inevitably help you to break old patterns which hold you back from achieving what you want in life. Priya is a loving and compassionate mirror in which we see ourselves for who we really are.”

Stephania, MOst Med ND DO, United Kingdom, Feb 2022

“Working in a group setting seemed very intimidating to me at first, but once I started my concerns quickly dissipated. I met a beautiful group of people who came with an open heart which I learned to trust. Priya presented the material in a very simple and logical way, so that applying them in our everyday lives became accessible and helpful. Priya is a very sharp and precise woman. She has a knack to say the right thing at the right time and in a way that everyone in the group benefits from. During the retreat, I felt the most focused and centered that I have felt in years. It was very evident that the other participants were all in a similar state of mind as well as Priya, who broke her own records in preciseness, understanding of the exact mindset we were each in at any given moment. Priya created a very rich, interesting weekend with a diverse curriculum. I highly recommend joining The MindSet Journey with Priya.”

YAARA OPHIR BEN-TSVI, Somatics practitioner and a Nia instructor, Feb 2022