Priya Glikman

Student Fund

Beloved Community,

Over the last few years, The MindSet Journey was introduced in California by Priya, and today is practiced by dozens of MindSet guides and teachers to hundreds of students. 

Since the early stages, the same question keeps coming up from generous friends, students, and colleagues – ‘how can we support a student or students in their journey?

This fund is a 100% donation based account designed to support those who have financial hardship but still wish to attend a class, course or retreat, practice with The MindSet tools, and most importantly – walk the path of self healing, learning, and growth.

The MindSet Journey

The MindSet Journey is a program where we are taught how to recognize our mindsets by learning how to dig deep into finding our genuine happiness. The programs and retreats help us to find the courage to connect with, open and follow our hearts.

In addition to this fundamental inner work, we also learn how to be centered, to feel regulated and balanced. From this grounded and calm state, we can allow our minds to become the facilitator of our hearts.

We can learn to trust ourselves, each other, and the universe to support us in all of our pursuits.

The ultimate goal is to reduce suffering. When we are more resourced and grounded, we can feel happier and thereby show up more fully for others and be able to offer real support, compassion and kindness.

The various MindSet groups can help build community and strong friendships as well as lasting connections between participants that can both sustain and enrich all of our lives. The time is now to heal ourselves, to help heal others, and to grow as a collective. In doing so, we can impart how simple and effective these tools can change our perspectives and lift our spirits. And as a result, we become better employees, parents, siblings, partners, friends when we commit to doing our inner work.


If you are wanting to donate or sponsor a student, once your donation is settled, it will be added to the student fund account and will be used in the form of scholarships. All scholarship applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified individually. Donate

Once your application has been received and reviewed, our Financial Aid Review Committee will
determine the amount you will receive based upon your financial situation and work status. You
may receive a percentage of up to 75% of the full amount of the cost of the course, workshop,
and/or retreat you would like to sign up for.

Simply fill out and submit the short application here

You are welcome to use this link and donate, we highly appreciate your support!