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Corporate - Four Week zoom Journey

Transform Your Team with Our Four-Week Zoom Journey

As the workplace evolves, maintaining team cohesion across physical and digital spaces is more challenging and crucial than ever. Priya Glikman’s energizing four-week program addresses these challenges head-on, providing tools for trust-building and communication that are essential in today’s hybrid work environments.

Join Priya Glikman for an in-depth four-week program, dedicating 2.5 hours each week to major personal and professional growth areas. Available via Zoom, this journey is designed to build profound connections and enhance understanding among team members. Participants will leave equipped with tools to manage anxiety, negativity, and stress.

Week-by-Week Breakdown:

Balancing Act: Techniques for achieving and maintaining inner balance.

Breaking Procrastination: Understanding and overcoming barriers to efficiency.

Clearing Overthinking & Stress: Learn new methods and meditation techniques to deal with stress and overthinking for a more peaceful state of mind. 

Communicating Effectively: Mastering interpersonal interactions and conflict resolution.

A combination of lectures, interactive sessions, and personal exercises designed to promote a deep, lasting impact on team dynamics and individual well-being.

Each 2.5-hour session, available via Zoom, focuses on deepening understanding and trust among team members, crucial for navigating the complexities of modern work dynamics.

Available online (Zoom) 

Organizations looking to foster a supportive, connected team environment in times of change and uncertainty.

Meet Priya

Meet Priya Glikman: Founder of The MindSet Journey

Priya Glikman is a distinguished leader in personal transformation and mindfulness, with over two decades of deep engagement in Zen and Trilotherapy. Her unique approach combines profound psychological insights with practical applications, making her a sought-after guide for more than 2,000 individuals across the globe, including executives and teams from top-tier corporate environments.

Background and Expertise: Priya’s journey began with a transformative six-year residency at a Tao center in Greece studying Zen and Buddhism, where she became a Dharma Teacher. Her expertise was further enriched through extensive global engagements, notably in the United States, Israel, and Greece, where her workshops and retreats have consistently drawn hundreds of participants. In the early stages, she was working with individuals, perfecting her method, and then advanced to leading dozens of groups and training over 200 individuals to become teachers in the art of mindfulness and meditation.

Since relocating to California in 2016, Priya has impacted over 800 clients through tailored workshops, retreats, and lectures. Her profound influence is also felt at The Pad Studios in San Francisco, where she serves as co-owner and facilitator.

Impact and Testimonials: Clients frequently describe their experiences with Priya as life-changing, citing significant improvements in personal happiness, professional productivity, and interpersonal relationships. From overcoming deep-seated fears and anxieties to fostering environments of collaboration and innovation, Priya’s teachings equip individuals with the tools needed for sustainable personal growth and collective success.

“Working with Priya has been one of the greatest gifts of my life,” shares Hailey Friedman, a long-time participant. “The MindSet Journey has profoundly altered how I interact in all aspects of my life, fostering a new perspective that transcends traditional therapies.”

Tommy Martin, a former athlete and Wall Street professional, reflects on his transformative journey: “Priya’s insights have not only reshaped my personal outlook but have also made me a better team player in the highly competitive corporate world.”

Why Choose Priya for Your Team? Priya’s workshops are meticulously designed to meet the needs of dynamic corporate teams, focusing on building resilience, enhancing creativity, and fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration. Her sessions are not just about personal growth but about creating a collective experience that resonates with and unites every member of the team.

Priya Glikman’s MindSet Workshop is an essential investment for any company seeking to elevate their team’s performance and well-being in today’s complex corporate landscape.

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4-Week Zoom Journey

Transform Your Team

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Here are a couple of feedbacks we received

“Priya is truly brilliant. She is a master in navigating how one becomes more self aware and develops a strong connection to yourself. This in turn deepens connections with others.

Throughout the workshops one builds a supportive like-minded community, which becomes essential in the process of growth and healing. Old mindsets are understood and uprooted with support so as to allow for more clarity, peace and opportunity. To participate and engage in Priya’s classes means you will transform yourself into the person you are meant to become.

Priya’s MindSet Training Program is fantastic. As a group, we all evolved each as individuals and as a group over the 4 months program. Expect to witness your mind and its ways and develop a stronger connection to your heart. All the while learning to lead from and trusting your center. Each class you learn materials and teach those to others. The tools inevitably help you to break old partners which hold you back from achieving what you want in life.

The group and Priya become the most supportive, loving and compassionate mirror in which we see ourselves for who we really are. This self intimacy can be daunting, however it is the most profound and beautiful process which Priya guides with efficacy and great care.”

Stephania, MOst Med ND DO (UK, CA)

“I started the journey with Priya with no clear expectations and with a leap of faith. It required adjusting into an already busy work-life balance and schedule, while starting a new job. From one session to another, Priya took us through the path of self discovery, she helped us look deeper into how and who we are at this point of time, while offering us new tools, very powerful breathing techniques, and a variety of different meditation techniques, which allowed us to find the inner connection, the space to self express and move towards a more balanced and centered life. I recall crying, before, during and after the sessions. Releasing, accepting, embracing what is and finding peace. This feeling was spreading and radiating beyond the group and into my family life and relationships, my work space, my patients and clients and my group of friends.”


“I knew I wanted to be a leader and help others through the program and the Mindset training accomplished that and so much more. On a personal level, deep diving and being accountable for my choices in order to help others made me completely change my own life. I made a very hard decision that months later is reaping in rewards I could have never imagined. I now have a new job, new apartment, and am painting my life with the color it deserves. Professionally, I now try to inspire more people with my journey and help them see that anything is possible and it’s never too late in life to try something new. I look around me and thank the universe for people like Priya who bring light into an increasingly dark and suffering work. I only hope to influence others as much as her and my other classmates did to me.


The Mindset

The Mindset Journey is a warm, supportive community experience that offers people who thirst for real change the opportunity to break through the internal blocks that hold them back, to master tools and practices that support real-life transformation, and to move forward in life with greater ease and joy.

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