Priya Glikman

Deep Dive Journey (II)

The MindSet Deep Dive Journey (II) is an intimate 6-week exploration into understanding and releasing the imprints, traumas, and unprocessed emotions we carry from childhood.

Deep Dive Journey (II)

In this journey, we’ll dive deep into your childhood experiences to identify and release traumas, pains, fears, anxieties, grief, sadness, and anger that have accumulated in your body over time.

In my personal journey I did somatic work (breathwork, anger work, inner child work) for a few years until I felt that my body was clear from pain and had moved through traumas. With time I noticed that behaviors and symptoms that used to rule my life began to disappear. This work is needed but it’s important to combine it with the understanding of The MindSet.

  • 6 weekly group sessions
  • 1 Personal session w/Priya
  • Group meets for 2 hours sessions

The Mind, Heart, and Center:

Mind:  Often, during somatic journeys, the mind, driven by fear originating from childhood, inhibits diving into trauma fully. The mind, acting as a protector, may even obstruct the work itself. Mindset work with trauma, somatic therapy, and clearing the pain body garners the mind’s approval.

Heart: The inner child eagerly awaits healing. These old wounds remain lodged within your body, posing long-term health risks. They burden you with symptoms such as stagnation, confusion, anxiety and depression, which are unsustainable. The heart stands prepared for healing, and with the collaboration of the mind and the presence of the center, the journey promises to be profound and transformative.

Center: To delve deeply and release, the presence of the center, the inner adult capable of holding and hosting both trauma and the inner child, is essential. When communicating with your center and engaging your higher self, the collaboration generates more profound and meaningful results compared to other modalities where the work is approached differently. This center acts as your inner loving adult, allowing you to remain grounded while processing difficult emotions and dive right into your heart.

Deep Dive Journey Focus: In this journey, we’ll dive deep into your childhood experiences to identify and release traumas, pains, fears, anxieties, grief, sadness, and anger that have accumulated in your body over time. As you know, when we experience intense emotions that are not fully processed, they get stored in the pain body, this is what we clean with somatic work. 

What to expect? Over these 6 weeks, we’ll use powerful somatic tools and techniques like breathwork and anger release work to access, understand and gently cleanse these stored emotions from your mind and body. Holding onto old painful emotions drains a lot of energy, so this process will create space for more love, peace and energy to flow in.

As you do this inner work, you may notice behaviors, thought patterns, fears and symptoms that were rooted in childhood pain beginning to dissipate from your life. However, the Journey also recognizes that triggers can resurface discomfort – which is why you’ll have a 1-on-1 personal session with me during the program when it is most timely and meaningful for your process.

We do this work from the comfort of your own home. Each session will end with a guided meditation to re-center you in this space of wisdom and compassion.

Who is it for? The Deep Dive Journey is only open to those who have completed the 6-week Discovery Journey, the 9 or 12-week Journeys, the MindSet training, or currently or in the past have worked with me or another MindSet guide one-on-one. Since you have completed work with The MindSet already you already trust and embody the MindSet approach, we can dive straight into the heart-centered inner child work.

The Deep Dive Journey (II)
Friday afternoons

  • 6 weekly, 2 hr, group sessions
  • 1 Personal session w/Priya – to be scheduled during the course time frame

September 27th – November 1st
3:30pm – 5:30pm

Following this journey, if you are ready and willing, you will be invited to join the MindSet Training (III)

About Priya

Priya is the originator of The MindSet Journey which enables individuals and groups to redefine what’s possible in their lives — work, families, relationships, and communities.

Priya relies on the ancient tradition of Zen and the modern technology of Trilotherapy (creating inner balance to integrate our personality), gestalt, and numerous emotional release methods.

Priya enables her students to take direct steps to realizing and achieving their personal and professional goals.

Applying the powerful tools of The MindSet, Priya will escort you on a journey that enables you to identify and release mindsets and heartsets, through the understanding that many of our thoughts no longer serve us and do not match our present life, freeing you to create your true life. Internationally recognized MindSet originator Priya Glikman is a sought after meditation teacher, personal transformation facilitator, conference speaker and seminar leader.

Since 2016, Priya resides in San Francisco with her family.


In Priya’s Student’s Words

“It’s hard for me to write on a page all the gifts Priya has given me. I started my journey with Priya, a scared woman-child who didn’t know how to trust herself, with constant panic attacks, fear and the need to control. My work with Priya changed all that, taught me to trust myself. Throughout my challenges in life, Priya held me with patience, love and grace. It’s a privilege to be in her energy.”

Laura Williams, California, USA

“Practicing the Mindset with Priya has completely flipped my world in the best way possible. I had an image of my future that seemed great but every day was becoming more rigid and lacking in color. The time I spent doing personal development with Priya changed my life. Thanks to this work, I made a very hard decision that allowed me to paint my life with the color it deserves. Priya brought light back into my life.”


“I started the journey with Priya with no clear expectations and with a leap of faith. It required adjusting into an already busy work-life balance and schedule, while starting a new job. From one session to another, Priya took us through the path of self discovery, she helped us look deeper into how and who we are at this point of time, while offering us new tools, very powerful breathing techniques, and a variety of different meditation techniques, which allowed us to find the inner connection, the space to self express and move towards a more balanced and centered life. I recall crying, before, during and after the sessions. Releasing, accepting, embracing what is and finding peace. This feeling was spreading and radiating beyond the group and into my family life and relationships, my work space, my patients and clients and my group of friends.”


“In the realm of life coaches, Priya is a jewel. She has an unwavering willingness to deeply connect with her students and guide them to the best of her ability. With extreme efficiency, Priya sees your true self, and recognizes the parts that lost balance. With firm gentleness, she will make you see those and work with you to restore that balance. Priya improved my life in the short and long run, and I am immensely thankful to her for that.”


“Priya introduced me to The Mindset philosophy and opened the door to my own soul. My Mindset journey with Priya started with one-on-one meetings allowing me to dive deep into my subconscious and tend to my inner parts to find peace and joy in my day-to-day life. The group meetings created community and connections with people speaking the same language, and doing similar personal growth work. Priya skillfully helped me expand beyond my comfort zone, open and heal past traumas and learn to trust myself, others, and the universe. I cannot recommend this enough and would encourage everyone in my life to consider it.”


“Working in a group setting seemed very intimidating to me at first, but once I started, my concerns quickly dissipated. I met a beautiful group of people who came with an open heart which I learned to trust. I apply the tools I’ve learned in my everyday life. Priya presented the material in a very simple and logical way, so that applying them in our everyday lives became accessible and helpful.”

YAARA OPHIR BEN-TSVI Somatics practitioner and a Nia instructor

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