Priya Glikman

The Training (III)

The MindSet Training is Priya’s most transformative program. Over the course of four months, trainees embark on a profound inner journey that shifts their perspective and enhances every aspect of their life. After the training, trainees gain friends for life, and feel equipped to continuously integrate The MindSet tools into their lives and careers.

I have a job but I am looking for my purpose

This is not just any training; it’s a transformative journey that empowers you to trust yourself and motivates you to achieve your life goals. In this program you will discover your purpose. Some graduates have gone on to create startups, others realize their purpose is working with people, and some find a way to combine the MindSet tools with their current profession. The training is mainly a self development program, in which you will do deep inner work and improve your relationship with yourself and others. At the end of the training, if you find that working with people is something you enjoy, you have the option to become a MindSet guide and continue helping people. 

Many participants enter the training program with no background in working with people, in which they are told that guiding others is the best way to deeply integrate The MindSet frameworks into their own daily thinking. The process of teaching others reinforces one’s own learning, much like an eighth-grader teaching a second-grader. Guiding others through the materials you are learning often leads to a profound sense of wonder, connectedness, and personal growth. By the end of the program, participants not only graduate with a new empowering mindset but also gain the ability to overcome personal barriers and move forward in life with a greater, newfound sense of purpose.

I want to continue my path of inner growth

The core work of the training is embarking on your own inner journey of self growth. Many graduates of the program credit it for giving them more self-confidence, self-trust, and improving their relationships with others. Priya and the team will be by your side, supporting, guiding, and encouraging, until you feel that the tools are an integral part of your life and practice. Those who are interested in continuing their path of inner growth will leave the training seeing the world in a new light. This new mindset changes how they interact with everything around them.

Throughout the training, you’ll also learn powerful frameworks that will profoundly impact your relationships. You’ll discover more grounded, efficient ways of communicating with loved ones, partners, and yourself. These new methods of interaction will shape how you think and behave around those closest to you. 

Going through this 3-month journey will show you parts of yourself you haven’t met yet. After the training, many people are surprised by the new doors that open for them in their jobs, love life, and personal relationships. People also leave the training with friends that will last for life. The MindSet Training will teach you how to work with, and conquer, the pre-programmed ways of thinking that hold you back (self-criticism, self-judgment, and lack of self-confidence) by replacing them with a new mindset of clarity and courage to move forward in life.

I am a practitioner

At the start of the training you will jump straight into guiding by practicing the materials on other people while receiving support, guidance, and supervision. You will be able to guide people to find their way through communicating with the different parts inside of them; the mind, the child, and the adult.

The training will teach you how to facilitate somatic exercises including different types of meditations (dynamic, kundalini, Sufi, rocking and more) and cathartic breathwork. Using somatic exercises bypasses the mind and allows clients to drop into their pain body to clean and release fears and past traumas. These powerful mind-body practices override the intellectual mind, allowing clients to drop into their somatic experience and viscerally process stored pain and past difficulties. Somatic work is one of the most effective ways to access the subconscious, reprogram ingrained patterns, and create lasting transformative change.

You’ll learn how to safely hold space as clients move through intense emotions and memories during these cathartic releases. With your guidance, they’ll integrate new perspectives, reclaim their inner power, and emerge freer to live from their highest selves. The training equips you with a full toolbox of somatic modalities to accelerate healing and unleash clients’ full potential.

The MindSet tools provide powerful frameworks for you to integrate into your practice. You’ll gain confidence integrating them seamlessly, enhancing your ability to truly connect with and understand those you work with. Whether coaching, counseling or working with the body, these methods allow you to peel back layers, uncover core motivations and blocks, and illuminate a path forward for your clients. At the end of the training you will meet with Priya for your second 1-on-1 session where you will discuss how you will integrate The MindSet tools and frameworks into your practice moving forward.

Training Structure

26 Class/Practice sessions: 26 Sessions: 2 per week for 3 hrs each on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Sep 21st 2024 through Feb 6th 2025. Sessions are held over Zoom. 

2 Individual sessions w/Priya: 1hr each.  Sessions are held over Zoom or in the Presidio in San Francisco, and will be scheduled during the training time frame.

A full 4 day in-person weekend retreat: (Thu-Sun, Jan 30th – Feb 2nd, 2025) – ‘The MindSet Graduation Intensive Retreat’.

1 Integration session: Post retreat and closing session & celebration

*For those that continue to work with people, a spot will be offered for 2 hr, bi-monthly group supervision sessions.

What to expect?

During the Training  

For the practical part of the program, you will choose or be assigned one or two people to practice on. They may be people you know, or we will provide someone from our list of interested people. As a group we will meet twice a week on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. During Saturday classes Priya will review new material and teachings and you will receive a summary of the class to study before meeting with your clients each week. On Thursdays Priya will hold supervision classes where you will speak about your clients, the materials, and you (Thursday classes will be recorded). During these sessions, Priya will help you gain confidence and trust in yourself to guide your practice clients by working through self criticism and self doubt.

During the training you will meet twice for a private 1-on-1 session with Priya. In the first session you will discuss what is slowing you down in life, what is preventing you from living your fullest potential, and how your mind is talking to you; self criticism, self doubt, belittling. The second session you will discuss how to combine the new tools you learned with all the gifts, talents, and professions that you have. 

Throughout the training you will develop a strong zazen meditation practice where you will learn to be in your center. Meditating can be challenging alone, but you will have the option for daily meditations to join with a group of people that will support and meditate with you. 

We will end our training with a four day in-person retreat in the beautiful Mt. Madonna Center in Watsonville, CA. During the retreat you will learn emotional exercises that cannot be taught or practiced via zoom. Together, you will create an atmosphere that is suitable for The MindSet meetings, where one can connect, experience, and celebrate.


After Graduating from the Training 

The training will enable you to help individuals deal with their internal conflicts and outer challenges. Using The MindSet tools you will learn to ask questions that help bridge our three inner parts. You will be able to discern feelings (heart) from thoughts (mind) and help others to resolve inner conflicts and make decisions from a grounded and connected self.

Following the training you will be skilled in topics such as: overcoming anxiety, navigating relationships, developing efficient communication, working with anger, finding purpose, supporting teenagers, identifying causes of inner sufferings, releasing stress, and much more. You will be able to guide meditation, emotional exercises (such as cathartic breathwork, anger release and more), along with other experiential tools that help us connect to the body, release emotions and remain grounded. After completing the training you will have experienced first hand the impact that the meditation and somatic exercises you learn have on mind, heart, and center. 

If you already are a practitioner, once you master the materials, you will be able to modify them to fit into your existing practice. It is like playing an instrument, first you learn the notes, then you are ready to create melodies and music. 

After graduating, if you feel called to continue working with people, you have the option to become a MindSet Guide. If you have another job you can choose to work part-time as a guide, or pursue it as a full-time path to help others. You can choose to focus on a target audience you are interested to work with such as: eating disorders, personal relationships, depression, anxiety, spiritual development and more. In the private session you and Priya will adjust the practice to meet the needs of your specific audience.

Next steps

Overall, The MindSet Training is a transformative journey that holds the potential to unlock profound personal growth and professional opportunities. This program is a rare gift you can give yourself – a chance to shed limiting beliefs, embrace your true potential, and step into a life of greater fulfillment and purpose. 

If you have a family or a job it’s easy to tell yourself that it may not be the right time for you. This is a time commitment, but there will never be the ‘perfect time’, life will continue to happen at the pace that it is. We have people who participate from around the world and make it work. We had students in Europe that couldn’t join the Thursday classes at all and students that needed to miss a few Saturdays classes, we always find a way

Sometimes the mind may tell you that you are not ready to guide others; you are not alone. Many people that come to the training have zero experience guiding, or are practitioners in different mind/body practices. Priya has 22 years of experience in this work and can have a personal conversation with you about if she feels this will be a good fit for you and how you can work to overcome self-doubt. Together you can decide if it is the right time for you to begin this journey. 

If you are interested in becoming a part of The MindSet Training and would like to learn more, or have questions; please book a 15-minutes interview with Priya below.

About Priya

Over the years Priya has trained more than 260 practitioners who have moved on to use the MindSet tools and materials in their personal and professional lives. 

In the past, Priya has trained people who worked in various professions like lawyers, project managers, acupuncturists, psychologists, artists, and many others. Incorporating The MindSet in each person’s professional life is a creative process that meets each person’s personality and interests.

The first MindSet Training program in California ended in Feb 2022, and has been going once a year since, it was a huge success! The classes, the practices, THE retreat, the journey!

Here are a couple of feedbacks we received

“Priya is truly brilliant. She is a master in navigating how one becomes more self aware and develops a strong connection to yourself. This in turn deepens connections with others.

Throughout the workshops one builds a supportive like-minded community, which becomes essential in the process of growth and healing. Old mindsets are understood and uprooted with support so as to allow for more clarity, peace and opportunity. To participate and engage in Priya’s classes means you will transform yourself into the person you are meant to become.

Priya’s MindSet Training Program is fantastic. As a group, we all evolved each as individuals and as a group over the 4 months program. Expect to witness your mind and its ways and develop a stronger connection to your heart. All the while learning to lead from and trusting your center. Each class you learn materials and teach those to others. The tools inevitably help you to break old partners which hold you back from achieving what you want in life.

The group and Priya become the most supportive, loving and compassionate mirror in which we see ourselves for who we really are. This self intimacy can be daunting, however it is the most profound and beautiful process which Priya guides with efficacy and great care.”

Stephania, MOst Med ND DO (UK, CA)

“I started the journey with Priya with no clear expectations and with a leap of faith. It required adjusting into an already busy work-life balance and schedule, while starting a new job. From one session to another, Priya took us through the path of self discovery, she helped us look deeper into how and who we are at this point of time, while offering us new tools, very powerful breathing techniques, and a variety of different meditation techniques, which allowed us to find the inner connection, the space to self express and move towards a more balanced and centered life. I recall crying, before, during and after the sessions. Releasing, accepting, embracing what is and finding peace. This feeling was spreading and radiating beyond the group and into my family life and relationships, my work space, my patients and clients and my group of friends.”


“In the realm of life coaches, Priya is a jewel. She has an unwavering willingness to deeply connect with her students and guide them to the best of her ability. With extreme efficiency, Priya sees your true self, and recognizes the parts that lost balance. With firm gentleness, she will make you see those and work with you to restore that balance. Priya improved my life in the short and long run, and I am immensely thankful to her for that.”


“Working in a group setting seemed very intimidating to me at first, but once I started, my concerns quickly dissipated. I met a beautiful group of people who came with an open heart which I learned to trust. I apply the tools I’ve learned in my everyday life. Priya presented the material in a very simple and logical way, so that applying them in our everyday lives became accessible and helpful.”

YAARA OPHIR BEN-TSVI Somatics practitioner and a Nia instructor

“I knew I wanted to be a leader and help others through the program and the Mindset training accomplished that and so much more. On a personal level, deep diving and being accountable for my choices in order to help others made me completely change my own life. I made a very hard decision that months later is reaping in rewards I could have never imagined. I now have a new job, new apartment, and am painting my life with the color it deserves. Professionally, I now try to inspire more people with my journey and help them see that anything is possible and it’s never too late in life to try something new. I look around me and thank the universe for people like Priya who bring light into an increasingly dark and suffering work. I only hope to influence others as much as her and my other classmates did to me.


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