Priya Glikman

The Training (III)

After completing The Discovery Journey (I) and Deep Dive (II) courses, for your personal development, we’re excited to invite you to join The MindSet training! It’s time for the next step.

Program Overview

In this training program we will jump straight into the practical practice – practicing the materials on other people while receiving support, guidance, and supervision.

There are so many people who need help and we can only hope you will be interested in utilizing The MindSet journey to help others. The training will add tools to your journey and help you gain the confidence needed to start working with people using The MindSet tolls. Priya  will be by your side, supporting, guiding, and encouraging, until you feel that the tools are an integral part of your life and practice.

After four months of training you will be able to integrate The MindSet tools into your practice. You will be able to guide people to find their way through communicating with their mind and feelings and trusting their higher self. Towards the end of the program you will meet Priya and discuss how to combine the new tools you have learned with previous skills so that you can offer a complete and empowering journey.

We will end our training with a four day in-person retreat in the beautiful Mt. Madonna Center.

During the retreat you will learn emotional exercises that cannot be taught or practiced via zoom. Together, you will create a physical atmosphere that is suitable for The MindSet meetings, where one can connect, experience, and celebrate.

Training Structure

26 Class/Practice sessions: 2 per week, Sep 2024 through Jan 2025, 3 hrs each session. All sessions are held over Zoom.

2 Individual sessions: w/Priya – 1hr each.  Sessions are held over Zoom or in the Presidio of San Francisco!, and will be scheduled during the training time frame.

A full 4 day in-person weekend retreat: (Thu-Sun, Jan 30th – Feb 2nd, 2025) – ‘The MindSet Graduation intensive’.

1 Integration session: Post retreat and closing session&celebration

What to expect?

For the practical portion of the program you will choose two people to practice on. Each week we will go over the tools and practices. You will then study the materials and summarize the lessons. During the week you will practice these new skills on the two people you have chosen. In the following meeting we will go over any doubts and challenges that came up in your practice sessions. We will also go over questions and concerns that arise while working with people.

The training will enable you to help individuals deal with their internal conflicts and outer challenges. Using The MindSet tools you will learn to ask questions that help bridge our three inner parts. You will be able to discern feelings (heart) from thoughts (mind) and help others to resolve inner conflicts.

Following the training you will be versed in topics such as: the five dimensions of time, our relationship with the universe, dealing with anger, our energetic map, and much more. You will be able to guide meditation, emotional exercises such as Reberthing, expressing anger, and other experiential tools that help us connect to the body and release emotions.

At first, the lesson application will be simple and clear. Later, once you master the materials learned, you will be able to change and modify them based on your existing practice. It is like playing an instrument, first you learn the notes, once you can play you are ready to create melodies and improvise.

Over the years I have trained more than 200 practitioners who help many people. I truly believe you will be a great asset to the MindSet community.

During the training we will meet twice for a private 1-on-1 session. In these sessions we can discuss how to combine the new tools you learned with the tools you were already using in your profession.

In the past, I have trained people who worked in various professions like lawyers, project managers, acupuncturists, psychologists, and artists. Incorporating The MindSet in each person’s professional life is a creative process that meets each person’s personality and interests. 

You can choose to focus on a target audience you are interested to work with such as: eating disorders, personal relationships, depression, anxiety, spiritual development and more. In the private sessions we will adjust the practice to meet the needs of your specific practice.

About Priya

Priya is the originator of The MindSet Journey which enables individuals and groups to redefine what’s possible in their lives — work, families, relationships, and communities.

Priya relies on the ancient tradition of Zen and the modern technology of Trilotherapy (creating inner balance to integrate our personality), gestalt, and numerous emotional release methods.

Priya enables her students to take direct steps to realizing and achieving their personal and professional goals.

Applying the powerful tools of The MindSet, Priya will escort you on a journey that enables you to identify and release mindsets and heartsets, through the understanding that many of our thoughts no longer serve us and do not match our present life, freeing you to create your true life. Internationally recognized MindSet originator Priya Glikman is a sought after meditation teacher, personal transformation facilitator, conference speaker and seminar leader.

Since 2016, Priya resides in San Francisco with her family.

The first MindSet Training program in California ended in Feb 2022, and has been going once a year since, it was a huge success! The classes, the practices, THE retreat, the journey!

Here are a couple of feedbacks we received

“Priya is truly brilliant. She is a master in navigating how one becomes more self aware and develops a strong connection to yourself. This in turn deepens connections with others.

Throughout the workshops one builds a supportive like-minded community, which becomes essential in the process of growth and healing. Old mindsets are understood and uprooted with support so as to allow for more clarity, peace and opportunity. To participate and engage in Priya’s classes means you will transform yourself into the person you are meant

to become.

Priya’s MindSet Training Program is fantastic. As a group, we all evolved each as individuals and as a group over the 4 months program. Expect to witness your mind and its ways and develop a stronger connection to your heart. All the while learning to lead from and trusting your center. Each class you learn materials and teach those to others. The tools inevitably help you to break old partners which hold you back from achieving what you want

in life.

The group and Priya become the most supportive, loving and compassionate mirror in which we see ourselves for who we really are. This self intimacy can be daunting, however it is the most profound and beautiful process which Priya guides with efficacy and great care.”

Stephania, MOst Med ND DO (UK, CA)

“I started the journey with Priya with no clear expectations and with a leap of faith. It required adjusting into an already busy work-life balance and schedule, while starting a new job. From one session to another, Priya took us through the path of self discovery, she helped us look deeper into how and who we are at this point of time, while offering us new tools, very powerful breathing techniques, and a variety of different meditation techniques, which allowed us to find the inner connection, the space to self express and move towards a more balanced and centered life. I recall crying, before, during and after the sessions. Releasing, accepting, embracing what is and finding peace. This feeling was spreading and radiating beyond the group and into my family life and relationships, my work space, my patients and clients and my group of friends.”


“In the realm of life coaches, Priya is a jewel. She has an unwavering willingness to deeply connect with her students and guide them to the best of her ability. With extreme efficiency, Priya sees your true self, and recognizes the parts that lost balance. With firm gentleness, she will make you see those and work with you to restore that balance. Priya improved my life in the short and long run, and I am immensely thankful to her for that.”


“Working in a group setting seemed very intimidating to me at first, but once I started, my concerns quickly dissipated. I met a beautiful group of people who came with an open heart which I learned to trust. I apply the tools I’ve learned in my everyday life. Priya presented the material in a very simple and logical way, so that applying them in our everyday lives became accessible and helpful.”

YAARA OPHIR BEN-TSVI Somatics practitioner and a Nia instructor

“I knew I wanted to be a leader and help others through the program and the Mindset training accomplished that and so much more. On a personal level, deep diving and being accountable for my choices in order to help others made me completely change my own life. I made a very hard decision that months later is reaping in rewards I could have never imagined. I now have a new job, new apartment, and am painting my life with the color it deserves. Professionally, I now try to inspire more people with my journey and help them see that anything is possible and it’s never too late in life to try something new. I look around me and thank the universe for people like Priya who bring light into an increasingly dark and suffering work. I only hope to influence others as much as her and my other

classmates did to me.